Natalia Clarke Counselling and Psychotherapy in Harefield, Uxbridge

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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Harefield, Uxbridge

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” - Anaïs Nin

Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Does life feel like its getting on top of you?
Could you benefit from a place to take some time-out?
... to explore your thoughts and feelings
... to gain insight into your experiences, feelings and behaviour
... evaluate your goals and aspirations
... consider and explore ways towards growth and healing
... to get back to your true nature and realise your potential
... consider holistic approach to your healing

Counselling/Psychotherapy can help you:

- feel held, respected and listened to for many for the first time in a long time
- create a space solely for you and noone else to explore thoughts, feelings and process your experiences in a safe, supportive environment
- feel more confident in going out into the world and change your behaviours and responses mirrored through a relationship with a therapist
- gain a better understanding of patterns in your life and allow for changes to occur
- explore your potential as a human being and a soul in what you can achieve
- change your thinking and response to situations with a better insight

Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Natalia and I am an experienced final year UKCP trainee in Integrative Transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy on an accredited counselling and psychotherapy Diploma course. I also hold a certificate in counselling skills. I offer low cost affordable counselling and psychotherapy in Harefield village near Uxbridge. Convenient location for counselling and psychotherapy in Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Ruislip, Northwood, Rickmansworth, Gerrards Cross, Watford, Middlesex, Hertfordshire. I am committed to providing the best service in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. My work is under supervision, so you receive the best service possible.

I have been working for a few years in areas of bereavement, mental health, as well as in private practice with clients from all walks of life . Areas of interest are working with the whole of the person, shadow work, helping clients get back to their true calling and essence and realise their potential. I work in an empowering way to help you begin a process of trust and faith in your own potential and wise inner voice and intuition.

Sessions take place in my 'Healing Shed' in the garden - a comfortable, light and cosy space in a peaceful location surrounded by nature.

I work as a psychotherapist/counsellor with individuals on an open-ended basis with various issues and concerns:
relationships, self-esteem, addictions, life purpose, spiritual growth, life crisis, childhood traumas, depression, anxiety, bereavement, women issues and empowerment, early childhood, etc.

I work in an integrative holistic way and sessions are tailored to your individual needs taking into account your psychological, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.

As an integrative Transpersonal psychotherapist I work with the following approaches:

Humanistic - helping you to realise your potential and create a healthy self-concept through a client-centred approach

Psychodynamic - let us look at patterns and experiences that led you to your current position, together we work on past wounds and memories

Existential - focusing on 'here and now' we work on choices we have, taking responsibility and making decisions

Transpersonal - we look beyond the 'personal', your true, innate nature including Divine qualities aiming to integrate all parts of you as a whole for optimum functioning. This way of working is creative and keeps in mind each person's potential and unique qualities to create a healthy and happy life

Gestalt - dynamic, experiential way of working with what is present and finding resolutions to difficult situations through dialogue and engagement in the here and now

Bodywork - working with energies in the body, Chakras, locations for difficult feelings and memories, working with breath and sound

CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to change patterns of thinking and, therefore, ways of feeling and behaving. Working with re-framing, changing negative self-talk and daily tasks for optimum functioning

Creative techniques - accessing unconscious material through engaging with automatic writing, spontaneous drawing, visualisations, breathing and meditation

Dream work - engaging with dreams and finding out what makes sense to you, looking at symbols, themes and feelings encountered. Using a technique, which also allows us to go back in a dream to explore a theme or a feeling further, which could lead to a resolution

If you are looking for a counsellor/psychotherapist in Harefield, Uxbirdge, Hillingdon do get in touch through my contact page, via phone or email displayed at the top of this page.
I also practice in Hanwell/Ealing (West London). Please contact me if this location suites you better.

Please contact me
Mobile: 07710490239

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - C. G. Jung

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