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16th July 2020 

"... psychotherapy sessions with you have enabled me to better know myself... From you I have received the emotional guidance to be able to 'mother' myself, to look out for my best interests and be proud of who I am. With that has come a profound sense of peace. Thank you for helping me." F

”When I first sought counselling I was in a really tough place in my life, questioning a lot of things and not really knowing at all who I was. I visited a few counsellors and stuck them out for a while but either I didn't feel ready or something was not quite right. I didn't feel like I was taken seriously. I searched again and discovered Natalia. Words cannot express how much this changed my life. I am not one to talk about myself or anything personal ever and so I knew counselling would be difficult. Natalia created a safe space for me. Somewhere I felt comfortable to open up. She used her expertise to find models that resonated with me and really opened up aspects of my mind and my soul I never tapped into before. I have never been so grateful for something. Natalia has an amazing calmness about her and she makes you feel like everything you say is important. You can see and feel that she genuinely cares. It is a blessing that I found Natalia and she has had a massive positive influence on me managing to change my life. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend anyone that is seeking help in anyway to visit her. Thank you Natalia. May the sun continue to shine from you :-)” Katie

" I could not have done it without you. Thank you for allowing me to be myself. I felt so comfortable and whatever I brought it was always received and accepted. I learnt so much. What a journey." Tina

"Thank you for your expert support over the last months. You have been a brilliant counsellor in guiding me out of a dark place and I will always remember your skillful observations as I gain my life". Lynda

"Natalia has been a very good psychotherapist. I have learnt so much about myself in counselling. At all times I had confidence in her skills and techniques and I got exactly what I needed from my psychotherapy sessions, which helped me better understand and address my difficulties." Karina

"Natalia is a counsellor, whose work demonstrates a high level of competence and experience. She is good at enabling clients to grow." Holly
"I have attended psychotherapy sessions with Natalia on a long-term basis face-to-face and over Skype. She is a warm and accepting psychotherapist. I won't hesitate to recommend her. My sessions have given me clarity and reassurance that I can have a happy and fulfilling life ". Sophie

"Just to say thank you for what you have done for me with my problems, which were many. It has been so good meeting you and I wish you the very best for the future". Margaret

"I am glad I engaged in the process of psychotherapy and decided to work with Natalia. I realised that it is ok to feel what I feel and talking feels good. I feel lighter, more focused and look forward to the future. Thank you". Charlie