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2nd December 2020 

Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Harefield, Uxbridge

ONLINE sessions only

My calling and passion lies in working with women, who seek to reclaim, repair, reintegrate and restore what is truly them and feel whole again.

A path of a female is often hard and full of wounding and losses and it is vital for individuals, as well as the collective, to have women restored back to their original states. Women empowerment is a restoration work. Helping women help themselves in reclaiming their gifts and qualities is our work together. Getting back to the roots, getting primal, resetting, replanting and nourishing and see it grow. Whatever you experiences have been as a woman you might feel lost, confused, forgotten even. The work will focus on finding your voice and restore the inner nature that had always meant to lead your life.

I am here to create and hold a space for every part of you, so you are free to tell your story, express your emotions, attend to your needs and find the answers you’ve always had in you. I am here to witness and journey alongside you with acceptance, regard and compassion.

I use narrative therapy in a way of being curious about personal life stories that women carry. I am passionately interested in who they are, how they arrived where they are today and how they wish to be unfolding and being in the future.

I am an emotions’ expert and place the highest value on knowing yourself through how one feels and navigating life via intuition. Relationship to yourself, therefore, is at the core of the work, which then brings a powerful effect on relating to others in and to the world in a balanced, accepting and compassionate way.

I bring nature into my work through metaphors of the seasons, the elements, landscapes and animal kin. I also utilise writing, creative imagination and art if and when it is called for in the work.

My working approach as an Integrative counsellor/psychotherapist, Harefield, Uxbridge, incorporates a wide spectrum of psychotherapeutic approaches. I select the most appropriate way of working with a client's personality type and presenting issues and match my way of working with what I believe would work best. I work holistically looking at the whole person from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual points of view to aid the most healing and progression rather than focusing on symptoms in isolation. I take into account your past, present and future. I also incorporate a transpersonal approach, which deals with a person's true nature and innate potential, as well as your deeper relationship with yourself and the world.

The core of our work together is for you to take the time in a safe and comfortable environment to explore your feelings, thoughts and needs and tell your story. Each client is seen as a whole person with all aspects of personality observed and included: thinking processes, patterns of behaviour, background and historical events, emotional responses, innate qualities and potential as a whole.

Areas I cover in my work are:

Bereavement and loss
Life transitions
Life crisis
Finding purpose and meaning
Pre and post-natal issues
Difficult family dynamics
Loss of self

If you’ve been seeking, but still find yourself lost this psychotherapeutic work might be for you. You will know when you are ready. I look forward to connecting with you when you are.

I am a Registered Accredited Member MBACP (Accred) and UKCP Accredited Integrative Transpersonal psychotherapist/counsellor, located in Harefield, Uxbridge, offering short-term counselling and longer term psychotherapy sessions online only.

I am committed to providing the best service safely and confidentially. Over the years I have worked as a psychotherapist/counsellor/, Harefield, Uxbridge, in a voluntary sector, NHS Primary care and in private practice with clients from various walks of life.

I work in an engaging, relational and intuitive way choosing the best approach for you as an individual.

If you are looking for a counsellor/psychotherapist in Harefield, Uxbridge and would like to find out how counselling/psychotherapy, Harefield, Uxbridge can help you, please get in touch to arrange an assessment session.