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15th August 2020 

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” C.G. Jung

Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Harefield, Uxbridge

I am currently on a sabbatical leave till the end of March 2021

I am an integrative transpersonal psychotherapist/counsellor working in Harefield, Uxbridge offering:

* short-term counselling (6 sessions)
* open-ended psychotherapy (over 8 weeks or longer)
* online counselling is offered to established clients, who moved out of the proximity of my practice and unable to attend face-to-face sessions and former clients, who wish to check in

I am a registered member of BACP and Accredited with UKCP and committed to providing the best service in a safe and confidential environment. Over the years I have worked as a counsellor/psychotherapist, Harefield, Uxbridge, in a voluntary sector, NHS Primary care and in private practice with clients from various walks of life.

My working approach as an Integrative counsellor/psychotherapist, Harefield, Uxbridge, incorporates a wide spectrum of psychotherapeutic approaches. I select the most appropriate way of working with a client's personality type and presenting issues and match my way of working with what I believe would work best for you.

I aim to work holistically looking at the whole person from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual points of view to aid the most healing and progression rather than focusing on symptoms in isolation. I take into account your past, present and future. I also incorporate a Transpersonal approach, which deals with a person's true nature and innate potential, as well as your deeper relationship with yourself and the world.

The core of our work together is for you to take the time in a safe and comfortable environment to explore your feelings and tell your story. Each client is seen as a whole person with all aspects of personality observed and included: thinking processes, patterns of behaviour, background and historical events, emotional responses, innate qualities and potential as a whole.

I work in an engaging, relational and intuitive way choosing the best approach for you as an individual.

As an Integrative psychotherapist/counsellor, Harefield, Uxbridge my key interests and areas of expertise lie in the following areas:

- relationships
- loss of self
- life transitions
- women issues
- difficult family dynamics
- female anger and disempowerment
- domestic violence and abuse
- life purpose and meaning

In Integrative transpersonal Psychotherapy/Counselling in Harefield, Uxbridge practice you can find help with:

- discover and explore what you need to do differently to get more of what you want in life
- gain insight into your experiences, feelings and behaviour
- understand yourself better and increase awareness
- serve as an emotional support space during difficult life situations and transitions
- feel more confident in a relationship with yourself and others
- explore your potential as a human being and rediscover meaning
- change your thinking and response to situations with a better insight
- get back to your true nature, rediscover life purpose and realise your potential

I work with the following approaches in my counselling/psychotherapy practice, Harefield/Uxbridge:

Humanistic - helping you realise your potential and create a healthy self-concept through a person-centred approach and creating an environment of non-judgement, acceptance, honesty and positive regard.

Solution focused therapy - focusing on solution building rather than problem solving, looking forward. It explores inner resources, strengths and hopes for the future, empowering and encouraging to make changes. It can be done in isolation when dealing with a particular goal, difficulty or incorporated into a longer-term psychotherapy journey.

Psychodynamic - we look at patterns and experiences created overtime that led you to your current position, together we work on past wounds and memories. It is based on the idea that the past has an impact on your experiences and feelings in the present. We focus on important relationships, e.g. primary caregivers, who might have set a pattern to how you relate to others in your life.

Existential - focusing on 'here and now' and resources you have available to you. We work with making choices you have available to you, taking responsibility for your life, create meaning and making decisions.

Transpersonal - focusing on personal empowerment, true nature and potential. Its belief is that whatever the hardships of your experiences, your core essence remains undamaged. It is a process of coming back to your true self. This way of working is creative and keeps in mind each person's potential and unique qualities to create a healthy and happy life.

Bodywork - working with energies in the body and its correspondences with emotions and physical symptoms, locations for difficult feelings and memories, working with breath.

CBT techniques - working on changing patterns of thinking and, therefore, ways of feeling and behaving. Identifying core beliefs. Working with re-framing, changing negative self-talk, challenging automatic negative thinking and introducing daily tasks for optimum functioning.

If you are looking for a counsellor/psychotherapist in Harefield, Uxbridge and would like to find out how counselling/psychotherapy, Harefield can help you, please get in touch to arrange an informal, no obligation assessment session either by phone 07710 490239 or email. I look forward to connecting with you.

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