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"“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung

How Psychotherapy works and My approach

I describe the process of psychotherapy as a journey of unfolding and discovery. The purpose of talking therapy is to help you understand your feelings and behaviours better and explore ways forward, as well as, get to know yourself on a deeper level.

The way psychotherapy works will depend on a personality type of a client and a therapist and presenting issues that a client brings forward. It is difficult to predict the exact duration of treatment. My way of working is open-ended, which means you can stay for as long as you wish to do the work that you need to do. Initially I would invite you to commit to six/eight sessions to give it enough time to see if psychotherapy is for you and we are comfortable working together. I work in an integrative way, which means I draw upon techniques and tools from various psychotherapeutic approaches. Integral part of our work together is a transpersonal approach to personality, i.e. your soul's experiences, deeper meaning behind events that happen in your life, incorporating spiritual insights and growth and working with your full potential.

Psychotherapy calls for an active effort on the part of a client. In order for the therapy to be most successful, you will have to work on things we talk about both during our weekly sessions and at home. Psychotherapy work is not limited to our time in sessions, it continues as you go about your daily activities, which means you might come to realisations or insights about your situation and necessary steps outside of your sessions. We can then discuss it further in our next session. It is a process of unfolding and healing and it is best not to rush it to see a true change, but walk slow and steady with me by your side. I often give an analogy of a 'cooking' pot, positioned some place in the room, where all material goes and starts to 'cook'. As you leave a session the pot continues to cook and something always comes out of the material, effort and attention that goes into it.

My working approach is Integrative Transpersonal, which means I use a variety of tools and approaches and will select the most appropriate ways of working with your personality type and presenting issues. I aim to work holistically looking at the WHOLE situation from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual points of view to aid the most healing and progression rather than focusing on symptoms in isolation. I take into account your past, present and future. Our focus and curiosity lies in discovering who you are.

The core of the work is for you to take your time in a safe and comfortable environment to explore your feelings and experiences in life. To me a client is seen as a whole person with all aspects observed and included, their thinking processes, patterns of behaviour, background and historical events, emotional responses, spiritual qualities and potential as a whole. I am engaging, relational and intuitive in my approach seeking the best approach for you as an individual.

My keen interests and expertise lie in working with:

- being with individuals'experiences at times of loss. Bereavement, loss of identity, loss of a relationship, a job, a sense of self, purpose and meaning, emptiness and a loss of soul connection to life
- helping individuals to work towards making changes in their lives and understanding themselves better, facilitating the process of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-reflection. Relationships with yourself, others and nature
- living with a sense of purpose and meaning and finding light amidst darkness, seeing all experiences as an opportunity for growth and healing. Your place in the world and making meaning
- reclaiming your true nature and values, reconnecting to your heart's desires, innate qualities and soul nature
- personal Shadow and exploring all sides to a personality with an aim to reconnect to your whole nature. Finding way back home, back to yourself
- exploring and understanding feelings and emotional states better, becoming more emotionally intelligent and learning ways of responding that serve you
- establishing practical routines based on the practice of mindfulness and awareness. Anxiety, feelings of overwhelm
- working through childhood traumas and retrieve a sense of self-compassion. Inner child work
- integrating drawing, visualizations, writing, music and sandtray work into my practice

I work with the following approaches:

Solution focused therapy - focusing on solution building rather than problem solving, looking forward. It explores inner resources, strengths and hopes for the future, empowering and encouraging to make changes. It can be done in isolation when dealing with a particular goal, difficulty or incorporated into a longer-term psychotherapy journey.

Humanistic - helping you realise your potential and create a healthy self-concept through a client-centred approach and creating an environment of non-judgement, acceptance, honesty and positive regard.

Psychodynamic - we look at patterns and experiences created overtime that led you to your current position, together we work on past wounds and memories. It is based on the idea that the past has an impact on your experiences and feelings in the present. We focus on important relationships, e.g. primary caregivers, who might have set a pattern to how you relate to yourself and others in your life.

Existential - focusing on 'here and now' and resources you have at hand we work on making choices we have available to you, taking responsibility for your life and making decisions.

Transpersonal -emphasises personal empowerment, true nature and potential. Its belief is that whatever the hardships of your experiences, your core essence, soul remains undamaged. It is a process of coming back to your true self. We look beyond the 'personal', and into your true, innate nature aiming to integrate all parts of you as a whole for optimum functioning. This way of working is creative and keeps in mind each person's potential and unique qualities to create a healthy and happy life.

Bodywork - working with energies in the body, Chakras' correspondences with emotions and physical symptoms, locations for difficult feelings and memories, working with breath.

CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to change patterns of thinking and, therefore, ways of feeling and behaving. Working with re-framing, changing negative self-talk, challenging automatic negative thinking and introducing daily tasks for optimum functioning.

Creative techniques - accessing unconscious material through engaging with automatic writing, spontaneous drawing, visualisations, breathing and meditation.

Dream work - engaging with dreams and finding out what makes sense to you, looking at symbols, themes and feelings encountered. Using a technique, which also allows us to go back in a dream to explore a theme or a feeling further, which could lead to a resolution or an important insight.

I also offer:

Email counselling/Writing therapy
Nature therapy
Skype sessions to new, existing and former clients

If you are looking for a counsellor/psychotherapist in Harefield, Uxbridge please get in touch either by phoning me on 07710 490239 or EMAIL for a no-obligation chat.

I adhere to the Ethical Framework for Good Practice provided by BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) with which I am a Registered Member
I am an Accredited Member of UKCP
I am also a member of ACTO (Association for Counselling and Therapy Online) and adhere to their Ethical Framework for Online Counsellors:

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