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25th January 2021 

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin


"The removing of the 'tangles' is a process of liberation from our complexes and illusions and from the way in which we identify with the roles we play in life, with the masks within us and with our idols, etc. It is a 'release' according to the etymology of the word, a liberation and awakening of hidden potential." Roberto Assagioli

Transpersonal approach to psychotherapy emphasises personal empowerment and inner resources. It takes account of your past experiences, but also looks to the future and what is likely to unfold for you, the challenges you may face and the qualities that you will need to meet those challenges. Its basic belief is that whatever the hardships of human experience, you core essence, or soul, remains undamaged." description from Making sense of talking treatments leaflet by Mind

In working transpersonally I am curious about who you truly are and interested in exploring your person beyond the symptoms and life difficulties. Together we will look at your life experiences and hidden meanings and patterns of why things had happened the way they did and extract 'gold', immense learning from those events, conditions, circumstances. Once we look into the 'darkness' with open eyes, we will be able to see the light coming in.

When two people meet through the heart centre and acknowledge the soul nature within, there is light, which welcomes you back to yourself, back home, to your original innate nature. In your sessions with me you are invited to talk about your spiritual experiences and curiosity or yearning for something more, if you so wish. You might have come to psychotherapy to work through your feelings surrounding your discovery of a particular spiritual way of being or you are feeling unsatisfied and wishing to explore what else is there. You might feel something is missing. All material is welcome in our work together where we give attention, time and validation to your feelings and experiences. We find out meaning and purpose of your experiences.

Transpersonal psychotherapy hopes to facilitate the process of unfolding within a person and get them back in touch with their unique beautiful qualities that might have become out of balance or distorted. The aim of this work is to make 'whole' again. This way of working sees everything as a whole.

With intuitive and guiding support of being fully present with what is manifesting in the therapy room, a relationship between a client and therapist, seeks to make unconscious conscious and look at material presented in a way of 'what is out of balance? what is unfolding? what needs attention and what is the meaning of this experience?'

We look beyond what we see, speak of and think, beyond what appears. There is a meaning in things that manifest in our lives and through love of unconditional compassion we uncover lessons, directions, ways of changing the way we think and see things and relate to one another.

As a Transpersonal psychotherapist I adopt creative ways of working with what often is hard to put into words. I use drawings, symbols, storytelling and writing in my sessions, which helps us find expression to those experiences that touch us deeply. These activities tap into our unconscious knowing and bring forward awareness in a profound, illuminating way.