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30th October 2020 

Telephone/Audio counselling sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis and payments are made prior to a session via an electronic transfer.

The way it works in practice:

- You contact me with your initial enquiry via email
- We will do a short assessment
- We arrange a specific time for you to call me

Telephone counselling sessions are strictly by appointment only. I will provide you with the landline or mobile number to call (your preference). Alternatively an audio function can be used on platforms, such as Skype or Zoom where you can elect not to use a video if you prefer an audio conversation only.

- Payment is made
- Session begins when you call me at the arranged time
- Sessions are 50 mins long and even if you telephone later than our scheduled time, the session will still end at the scheduled time

Please contact me for more information if you think you would like to try some sessions over the telephone. I offer 6/12 sessions.